About Manchild

Manchild is a true believer in the power of hip-hop music.  As 1/2 of Atlanta-based duo, Mars ILL, he has been turning the culture on its ear since the year 2000.  Along with Mars ILL cohort, DJ Dust, Manchild has released 3 nationally released albums, selling over 100,000 units worldwide, and performing more than 700 concerts in the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Sharing the stage with such mainstream notables as KRS-One, Living Legends, Atmosphere, M.F. Doom, Bigg Jus and Brother Ali, Manchild has effectively taken the Gospel to the world.  Within the Church, he has had the opportunity to work and perform alongside Toby Mac, G.R.I.T.S., John Reuben, Kutless, Pillar, KJ-52, Paul Wright, Shawn McDonald, 4th Avenue Jones and many more.  Performing in front of varying types of crowds has sharpened Manchild into a top flight performer and communicator.  In addition, he’s known for his freestyle improv acumen and even won the Red Bull EmSee National title in September of 2009.

As a solo rap artist and speaker, Manchild uses the art of songwriting to communicate his heart, his mind and most importantly, his soul.  In recognizing the world’s problems, he is able to create music that speaks directly to the issues that real people face every day.  He also takes a true-school hip-hop approach and creates positive and upbeat music that reflects the joy of life his expression of it.


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